Royalty Free Stock Humor Clipart by Gnurf

  1. Silly Dog with Fleas Going Crazy While Trying to Scratch the Flea Bugs out of His Fur
  2. Happy and Hungry Brown Dog Wagging His Tail and Eating
  3. White Guy Struggling to Hold Back His Dog from Chasing a Squirrel
  4. Dog Chasing Ball
  5. Overwhelmed Caucasian Businessman Juggling Work Tasks Represented by a Pencil, Cell Phone, Apple, Notepad and Calculator, Trying to Handle All of His Responsibilities
  6. Stressed out Caucasian Employee Man Eyeing a Giant Stack of Paperwork on His Desk Resting in His in Box
  7. Surprised White Man Leaping Back from His Exploding and Smoking Laptop Computer
  8. Playful Dog Wagging His Tail and Chewing on a Bone While Laying down
  9. Black and White Toon Guy Putting Sun Block on His Head