Royalty Free Stock Humor Clipart by Dennis Holmes Designs

  1. Beat up Dog with a Black Eye, Seeing Stars Circling Above His Head During a Boxing Match
  2. Accident Prone White Man Covered in Casts and Slings, Holding up His Beverage to Avoid Spilling After Tripping over His Crutches
  3. Blond Girl Scout Covered in Chocolate
  4. Santa Angrily Stomping on His Toy Sack to Squish It down the Chimney
  5. Reindeer Resting by Santa As He Organizes His Naughty and Nice Lists
  6. Starving Santa Chasing a Gingerbread Cookie
  7. Relaxed Crocodile Sipping a Drink and Dipping His Tail in a Pond
  8. Bee Character Laughing and Pointing
  9. Rabbit Having a Blast While Decorating an Easter Egg with a Paintball Gun
  10. Rooster Disguised As an Agent
  11. Traveling Koala Riding an Ostrich
  12. Little Blond Boy Eating a Bug
  13. White Male Plumber Kneeling to Work on Pipes Under a Sink
  14. Water Skiing Santa with Dolphins
  15. Casual Santa Standing with a Sack Full of Cans for Recycling
  16. Koala Driving a Golf Cart, Creating Chaos with His Cockatoo, Kangaroo and Emu Friends
  17. Kangaroo Blowing a Toy Through a Koala's Ears at a Party
  18. Dolphins Pulling Santa on a Surfboard
  19. Two Monks Walking with Boards
  20. Tired White Man Leaning Against a Blank Red Sign
  21. Mouse Relaxing in a Chair over a Cat Rug
  22. Wombat Being Transported in a Pelicans Beak
  23. Embarrassed Penguin Kid Standing Beside a Fairy Godmother
  24. Wet White Man with Fishing Gear
  25. Clowny Clown Fish