Royalty Free Stock Humor Clipart by Djart

  1. Businessman Looking out from the Doghouse
  2. Concept: a Group of Chefs and Cooks in a Recipe Box Clipart
  3. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer with Colorful Christmas Lights on His Body
  4. Lost and Confused Santa Claus Holding an Open Map Beside Rudolph
  5. Pair of Southern Redneck Men
  6. Bathing Brown Dog Scrubbing in a Tub
  7. White Businessman Going Poop in a Public Toilet
  8. White Businessman Flying on a Rocket
  9. Funny Chicken Resting Its Head on a Chopping Block
  10. Male Artist Giving a Thumbs up and Drawing a Smiley Face on Canvas with a Paintbrush
  11. Angry Preacher
  12. Festive Funny Pig Decorated with Christmas Lights and Ornaments - Xmas Ham Concept
  13. Pissed Wife Staring down Her Hubby in a Dog House
  14. Santa Claus Holding a Hair Brush and Blow Drying His Beard
  15. Santa Claus Watching the Cost Rise on the Gas Pump While Filling His Sleigh with Gasoline on His Delivery Route
  16. Santa Claus and Mrs Santa Claus Pulling Toys and Reindeer Santa's Sleigh Because the Reindeer Are on Strike on Christmas
  17. Farmer Watering His Pigs with a Green Garden Hose
  18. Man Urinating on the Ground in Public
  19. Very Strong Man Moving a Heavy Grand Piano
  20. Male Doctor Giving Patient a Rectal Prostate Examination - Humorous Medical Clipart
  21. Business Puppeteer Man Controlling the People in His Life - Concept Clipart
  22. Humorous Obese Man Peeking in the Fridge for Something to Eat
  23. Man in PJs Sleepwalking at Night
  24. Gangster Man with Tattoos, Trying to Hitch a Ride
  25. Wild Thanksgiving Turkey Wearing a Black Pilgrim Hat and Facing Forward
  26. Husband and Wife Getting Taxes Done by Their Professional Accountant - the Tax Man
  27. Man Leaning Against a Palm Tree Ashore on a Deserted Island or Coast
  28. Overweight Man Covered in Hair Going Swimming
  29. Happy Dog Laying at the Beach Under an Umbrella in Summer
  30. Person Squatting in a Box
  31. Naked Man Wearing a Wood Keg Barrel Around His Waist
  32. Smiling Beach Girls Posing Together Under the Hot Summer Sun
  33. Puzzled Elderly Man Using a Computer
  34. Dog Wearing King's Crown, Royal Red Robe, and Holding a Gold Bone Shaped Staff
  35. Young Boy Getting His First Haircut at a Professional Barbershop
  36. Father and Son Golfing Together on Father's Day - Caddie Humor
  37. Little League Baseball Pitcher and Batter out on the Field
  38. Anthropomorphic Pet Dog Showering
  39. Ethnic Forklift Driver Delivering Fragile Boxes Upside down
  40. Patient Getting an Injection of Antibiotics in the Butt by a Nurse with a Syringe
  41. Awkward Couple Sitting at a Dinner Table on Their First Date
  42. Lost Santa Claus Holding a Map and Looking for Directions on Christmas Eve
  43. Businessman Criminal Wearing a Ball and Chain Around His Ankle
  44. Funny Dog Sitting in a Reclining Chair with a Beer, Changing TV Channels with Remote Controller
  45. Funny Dog Showering Himself While Wearing a Shower Cap
  46. Cowboy Sitting on a Stool and Putting His Boots on His Feet
  47. Dumb Man Going down the Bowling Alley
  48. Funny Cowboy Sitting on the Back of a Cow, Facing the Wrong Way
  49. Male and Female Hikers with Backpacks, Canteens, Sleeping Bags, and Walking Sticks, Hiking and Pointing to Something
  50. Anthropomorphic Elephant Spraying Water from His Trunk like a Pressure Washer
  51. Brown Couch Potato Dairy Cow
  52. Santa Claus Snowmobiling
  53. Cow with a Red Bow on Its Tail and a Santa Hat on Its Butt
  54. Male Chef Peeking out from Inside a Stock Pot
  55. Five Santas Kicking Their Legs up While Dancing in a Chorus Line
  56. Lady Pigs Dancing in a Chorus Line
  57. Turkey Birds in High Heels, Kicking Their Legs up While Dancing in a Chorus Line
  58. Santa Pointing to a Blank Board and Discussing Christmas Flight Rules with Reindeer
  59. Five Fat Pigs Kicking Their Legs up While Dancing in a Chorus Line
  60. Santa Looking to Do Home Repairs As a Christmas Gift
  61. Turkey Bird Family Dining on a Man
  62. Chubby White Male Computer Repair Doctor Holding a Stethoscope up to a Computer Monitor
  63. Beige Poodle Dog with Pink Tufts of Hair and a Yellow Flower on Its Head
  64. Cheering Oktoberfest Bear in Green, Holding up a Beer Stein
  65. Muscular Blond Body Builder Woman Flexing
  66. New Year Baby Boy Looking up at an Old Man with a Cane
  67. Chubby Hairy Man in Profile
  68. Drunk Santa with a Lamp Shade on His Head, Holding a Light Fixture and Wine
  69. Playful Nun in Black and White, Using Her Hands to Pry Open Her Mouth As Big As She Can to Make Funny Faces, on White
  70. Hairy Metrosexual White Man Wearing Heart Patterned Boxers, Bending over and Shaving His Legs so They Are Smooth
  71. Mean White Lady Nun in Uniform, Flipping Someone off for Making Fun of Her
  72. White Couple, a Man and Women, American Tourists, Caught by Native Cannibals in a Foreign Country with the Man Being Cooked in the Pot and the Woman Tied to a Pole
  73. Lie Detector Machine While Interrogating a Lying Man Who
  74. Bald Caucasian Businessman Bending over and Scratching an Itch on His Back with a Back Scratcher
  75. African American Black Sheep Wearing Golden Necklaces and Looking Outwards
  76. Bald White Businessman Scratching an Itch on His Back with a Large Garden Rake
  77. Funny Sheep Clown Wearing a Yellow Wig, Red Wool, Yellow Tail and Red Shoes with Yellow Sparkling Stars
  78. Caucasian Man Wrapped in a Towel, Sniffing His Armpit Before Spraying Deodorant on His Underarms After Getting out of the Shower
  79. Stinky Caucasian Woman in a Green Dress and Heels, Lifting Her Arm up over Her Head and Sniffing Her Armpit for Odor
  80. Caucasian Man with Metrosexual Tendencies, Wrapped in a Towel and Seated on a Stool, Shaving His Legs with Cream and a Razor
  81. Patient Middle Aged Woman, a Counselor, in a Purple Dress, Seated Cross Legged in a Chair While Listening to Her Client Vent
  82. Depressed White Man Lying on a Sofa in a Shrink
  83. Goofy White Farm Chicken Dressed As a Clown, Wearing Big Red Shoes, a Red Nose and a Purple Wig, on White
  84. Chicken in a Stock Pot in a Kitchen
  85. White Frustrated Nun in Black and White Waving Her Fist in the Air While Arguing
  86. Friendly Confused Live Turkey Bird in a Big Pot, Being Prepared for Thanksgiving Dinner
  87. Dorky and Chubby Middle Aged White Man in Blue Swimming Shorts, Flexing His Muscles and Showing off the Tan Lines from His Farmers Tan, on White
  88. Businessman Trying to Push the Hand on a Wall Clock to Speed up His Work Day
  89. Caucasian Businessman Holding a Mirror and Trimming His Nose Hairs
  90. Shocked Middle Aged Hairy Caucasian Man in Shorts Screaming in Pain As a Blond Woman Peels off a Wax Strip from His Back
  91. Cool Hippie Dog Canine Couple Wearing Tie Dye Shirts and Sandals, One Dog Flashing the Peace Sign
  92. Mischievious White Businessman Urinating on a Fire Hydrant and Looking Back over His Shoulder
  93. Rowdy Old Nun Bending over and Showing off the Heart Shaped Tattoo on Her Rump from Her Rebel Years
  94. Silly White Man Walking Two Green Pet Snakes on Leashes
  95. Mad Crazy Dog Running Around in Circules, Trying to Bite His Own Tail
  96. Revengeful Dog Pooping Thoroughly on the Floor
  97. Nervous White Man Looking Upwards As High Winds Nearly Blow the Hairpiece off of His Bald Head
  98. Confused Man Wearing a Green Robe and Slippers, Applying Hairpiece Glue on Top of His Bald Head to Make His Toupee Stay
  99. Happy Old Caucasian Man with a Hardon, Sitting in a Chair and Wearing Only Socks
  100. Grinning Excited Old African American Man with a Hardon, Sitting in a Chair and Wearing Only Socks
  101. Saggy Old African American Couple Wearing Robes, Using Canes and Looking at Each Other
  102. White Man and Woman Walking Their Dachshund Dogs and Children on Leashes
  103. Depressed Scarecrow
  104. Bird on a Scarecrow in a Corn Field
  105. Saggy Old White Couple Wearing Robes, Using Canes
  106. Caucasian Caveman Shepherd Tending to His Wooly Dinosaurs
  107. Happy Caveman Sitting on a Resting Dinosaur, Holding the Reins and Waving
  108. Happy Caveman and Cavewoman Walking Their Pet Dinosaurs During the Day
  109. Caucasian Businessman Drowning in Paperwork
  110. Santa Wading in Letters
  111. Naked Caucasian Baby Boy Standing and Peeing While Looking Back
  112. Blond White Woman Sitting on a Bench and Getting Squirt in the Face While Milking a Black Cow
  113. Caucasian Couple, a Man and Woman, Racing Eachother on Riding Lawn Mowers
  114. Skinny Man in His Fat Pants
  115. Blue House with People Using Computers in Their Own Rooms
  116. Wild Turkey in a Yellow Daisy Patch, Hiding from a Pilgrim with a Shot Gun
  117. Needle Lost in a Haystack
  118. Bundled White Man in Winter Clothes, Standing by a House with a Dog and Hot Chocolate Stand
  119. Poor Married White Couple Selling Their Matching Washer & Dryer
  120. Helpful Caucasian Shoe Salesman Helping an Elderly Woman Pick out a New Pair of Shoes
  121. Person Wearing a Bear Costume While Trying to Prank a Female Forest Ranger
  122. Lazy Caucasian House Wife Using a Vacuum to Suck Everything off the Dinner Table so She Doesn't Have to Clean
  123. Caucasian Cowboy Riding a Stick Horse
  124. Happy Pet Dog Walking His Owners on Leashes
  125. Mad Caucasian Man Pointing a Gun at Toilet Paper Roll
  126. Colorful Rainbow Turkey Behind a Rock, Hiding from a Pilgrim with a Blunderbuss Gun
  127. White Male Pilgrim Carrying a Blunderbuss and a Grade a Frozen Turkey for Thanksgiving Dinner
  128. Caucasian Male Prostate Exam Patient in an Exam Room, Hiding from a Prostate Doctor
  129. Disguised White Anthropomorphic Chicken Standing in a Chef's Silver Cooking Pot
  130. Mad White Man Cutting the Phone Cord
  131. Caucasian Crossdresser Man Wearing Women's Dance Clothing
  132. Bad Dog Humping a White Businessman's Leg
  133. Group of Humorous Bugs Watching a Pest Control Exterminator Test a Chemical Pesticide Substance
  134. Grinning Happy Fat Man with Two Ice Cream Cones
  135. Confused Boy on Valentines Day, Surrounded by Girls That Are Attracted to Him
  136. Warty Old Female Witch in Black, Sitting on a Broom That Is Stuck in a Bare Tree
  137. Mad White Wife Preparing to Hit Her Lazy Husband with a Cooking Pan
  138. Statue of Liberty Holding a Stop Sign and Looking Ahread
  139. Hairy Woman with Lots of Body Hair Waving Hello
  140. Caucasian Male Farmer Carrying a Pet Pig on His Shoulder
  141. Funny Man with a Zipped Mouth on White
  142. Prissy Caucasian Man Carrying a Pink Umbrella
  143. Confused Brown Tropical Fish in a Glass of Water with a Straw
  144. Schooling Pig Fish Swimming Together on a Blue Circle
  145. Cow Fish Schooling in the Ocean on Blue
  146. Group of 3 Angel Fish with Halos Swimming in the Clouds
  147. Cowboy Walking a Giant Great Dane Dog on a Leash over White
  148. Silly Cowboy Riding a Giant Great Dane Dog Instead of a Horse
  149. Successful Businesswoman Riding a Rocket to the Right
  150. White Plumber Man Checking an Air Meter and Valve
  151. Funny Human-like Ginger Cat Sitting on a Recliner Chair with a Can of Beer
  152. Happy Anthropomorphic Cat Napping on a Recliner Chair
  153. Male Construction Worker Taking a Leak
  154. White Man Standing a Ladder by His Lifted Hummer Car
  155. Obese Man in His Boxers and Slippers, Typing on a Computer at a Desk
  156. Fat White Woman in Her Bra and Underwear, Hair in Curlers, Smoking a Cigarette, Holding a Coffee Mug and Typing on a Computer at a Desk
  157. Scared White Man Leaving Female Hygienist's Old Fashioned Dental Room
  158. Silly Construction Worker Man Wearing Boxer Shorts While Working Beside an Excavator
  159. Annoyed Businessman with a Dumb Blonde Secretary Counting Her Fingers
  160. Frustrated Caucasian Man, a Father, Husband or Manager, Holding His Hands to His Cheeks While Screaming, a Humorous Parody of the Painting
  161. Man Crouching While Putting Multiple Ears of Corn into a Green Corn Powered Biodiesel Truck
  162. Confused Pink Pig Lying on Its Belly in a Lunch Sandwich
  163. Stressed out Caucasian Elderly Granny Woman Holding Her Hands to Her Cheeks While Screaming, a Humorous Parody of the Scream by Edvard Munch
  164. Happy Relaxed Brown Cow with Horns, Leisurely Floating and Taking a Swim in a Tall Glass of Milk on White
  165. Brown Bad Dog Looking Back over His Shoulder While Peeing on a Chair in a Living Room
  166. Green Dinosaur Covering His Mouth or Nose While Sitting on a Toilet on White
  167. Depressed White Businessman Hanging Limply and Hung out to Dry While Pinned to a Clothes Line
  168. Unaware Boy and Girl Preparing Beverages at Their Lemonade Stand While Their Dog Pees in a Cup for an Unsuspecting Customer
  169. Stressed out Caucasian Business Man Holding His Cheeks While Screaming
  170. Group of Brown and Gray Dogs Peeing on a Red Fire Hydrant
  171. Stressed out Blond Caucasian Business Woman Holding Her Hands to Her Cheeks While Screaming Against a Sunset
  172. Stressed out Brown Dairy Cow with Bell Holding Its Hooves to Its Cheeks While Screaming, a Humorous Parody of the Scream by Edvard Munch
  173. Stressed out Brown Dog Standing and Holding His Paws to His Cheeks While Screaming, a Humorous Parody of the Scream by Edvard Munch
  174. Caucasian Man Driving a Biodiesel Green Car with Popcorn Popping out of the Muffler
  175. Parody of Vitruvian Man by Leonardo Da Vinci, Showing a Shy, Embarassed Nude Man Covering His Private Parts with His Hands, with Text on the Top and Bottom
  176. Stressed out Black Man, a Father, Husband or Manager, Holding His Hands to His Cheeks While Screaming, a Humorous Parody of the Scream by Edvard Munch
  177. Stern Wife Watching As Her Husband Plays and Experiments in His Time Machine Invention
  178. Pudgy Disgusted Businessman Plugging His Nose to Avoid Smelling a Nasty Odor and Holding a Can of Air Freshener Spray
  179. Anthropomorphic Obese Elephant Wearing Bathrobe and Mouse Slippers While Weighting in on a Scale
  180. Anthropomorphic Sheep Drinking Beer While Sitting at a Bar
  181. Human-Like Sheep Going Poop in a Human Toilet and Is Reading a Newspaper
  182. Rebel Sheep Riding a Motorcycle
  183. Egg with Human Legs and Feet Looking Left
  184. Rude Businessman Pointing His Finger at Someone and Laughing Hysterically
  185. Businessman in a Brown Suit Laughing While Pointing His Finger at Something
  186. Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Officer in a Red Coat Jacket
  187. Middle Aged Man with Open Arms for a Hug
  188. Overweight Elephant Standing on a Weight Scale
  189. Silly Laughing Cow Wearing a Bell
  190. Husband in Trouble with His Wife, Sitting Outside of a Doghouse with a Bone and Two Food and Water Bowls
  191. Obese Woman in a Red Dress and Slippers Holding a Fork and Plate and Asking for Seconds (more Food)
  192. Businessman Crawling Forward on His Hands and Knees
  193. Man's Shoes Poking out from a Cardboard Box As He Tries to Hide
  194. Successful Businessman Surfing on a Rainbow Skateboard
  195. Businessman in a Bathrobe on a Conference Call Pretending to Be Professional
  196. White Caucasian Business Man Urinating and Looking Back over His Shoulder
  197. Rude African American Man Wearing a Blue Helmet, Red Shirt and Brown Pants, Riding past on a Blue Scooter and Flipping the Viewer off
  198. Mad Caucasian Woman, a Wife, with Her Hair up in Curlers, Holding a Frying Pan with Two Eggs in It and Flipping off Her Husband
  199. Mad White Woman, a Wife, with Her Hair up in Curlers, Holding a Frying Pan with Two Eggs in It and Flipping off Her Husband
  200. A Pissed off Blond Caucasian Pregnant Woman in a Yellow Dress and Sandals, Using Both Hands to Flip People off While Her Hormones Flare
  201. Pissed off Cowboy Sitting on a Saddle on a Lazy Old Horse, Flipping off Someone Behind Him
  202. Fussy and Angry Tan Horse Flipping off a Confused Cowboy Who Is Trying to Put a Lasso Around Him
  203. Group of Angry People of All Ages and Mixed Ethnicities, Standing with a Dog and a Cat and Flipping People Off, on White
  204. Middle Aged White Man Holding an Ear Horn or Ear Trumpet to His Ear to Amplify His Hearing
  205. Relaxed Caucasian Man Holding an Alcoholic Beverage and Relaxing After Being Buried in the Warm Sand on a Tropical Beach During Summer Vacation
  206. Mad Middle Aged Caucasian Business Man Holding His Hand up in the Air and Flipping Someone That He Doesn't like off
  207. Caucasian Mischievious Caucasian Boy Baring His Rear End While Urinating in Public and Looking Back at the Viewer
  208. Mischievious Black Boy Baring His Rear End While Urinating in Public and Looking Back at the Viewer
  209. Rude White Man Wearing a Red Helmet, Green Shirt and Blue Pants, Riding past on a Green Scooter and Flipping the Viewer off
  210. Mischievious White Boy Baring His Buns While Urinating on a Fire Hydrant and Looking Back at the Viewer
  211. Mad Red Haired Caucasian Businessman Holding a Hammer High Above a Piggy Bank on a Table, Prepared to Break the Bank
  212. Cute and Cool Brown Hippie Dog in a Tye Die Shirt and Sandals and Flashing the Peace Sign Gesture
  213. Mischievious White Businessman Urinating on a Copier Machine in an Office and Looking Back over His Shoulder
  214. Hideous, Hairy Blond Male Cross Dresser with Facial, Arm and Leg Hair, Wearing a Pink Dress and High Heels and Carrying a Purse
  215. Casual Caucasian Man Urinating on a Red Fire Hydrant at Night
  216. Bald, Middle Aged Caucasian Man with a Very Hairy Back Sitting Backwards in a Chair
  217. White Woman Getting a Thrill out of Ripping a Wax Strip off of Her Husband
  218. Group of Hot Men Wrapped in Towels, Sweating in a Steam Sauna
  219. Angry Middle Aged White Businessman Preparing to Swing a Bat After Someone Pissed Him off
  220. Angry White Woman in a Red Dress and Heels, Swinging a Wooden Baseball Bat After Someone Really Ticked Her off
  221. Man Smoking out of the Ears After Eating an Extremely Hot Red Pepper While Touring Mexico on a White Background
  222. Mean Old Caucasian Lady with Gray Hair Flipping off the Viewer, on a White Background
  223. Frustrated Caucasian Business Man Flipping off the Smiley Face on an Expensive Fuel Pump While Filling up the Gasoline Tank of His Blue Pickup Truck at a Gas Station
  224. Angry Hispanic or Black Business Man Carrying a Briefcase and Flipping Someone off for Being Rude
  225. Angry Little Blond Girl Holding Her Dolly and Flipping Someone off After Not Getting What She Wants
  226. Pissed Chubby Brown Horse Flipping off a Farmer After Not Being Fed His Oats
  227. Frustrated Dog Flipping off His Owner After Not Getting His Much Needed Daily Walk
  228. Goofy Spoiled Fat Ginger Cat Using Both Front Paws to Flip People off After Not Getting What He Wants
  229. Angry Uncle Sam Flipping off the Viewer, on White
  230. Silly Brown Dog Pissing in a Litter Box
  231. Funny Brown Wiener Dog Topped with Pickle Slices, Lying on His Back on a Hot Dog Bun Beside Ketchup and Mustard Bottles
  232. Mean and Bratty Young Caucasian Boy Holding a Teddy Bear and Flipping off the Viewer
  233. Grumpy Unhappy Old Caucasian Man Leaning on a Cane and Flipping Someone the Bird
  234. Male Mexican Bandit Carrying a Loaded Shotgun and Grinning
  235. Male Chef Holding Oversized Salt and Pepper Shakers in Either Hand
  236. Funny Family of Turkeys Watching TV
  237. Accountants Hard at Work
  238. Actors and Actresses on Stage Reinacting the Viking Age
  239. Obese German Man Transporting a Wooden Barrel/Keg of Beer to a Party
  240. Green Male and Female Snakes Together
  241. Humorous Obese Man Wearing a Speedo at the Beach and Drinking a Beer
  242. White Gangster Man and Woman Hitchhiking
  243. Caucasian Male Chef in Whites Carrying a Big Spoon
  244. Fighting Couple (Husband and Wife) Standing with Arms Crossed, Facing Away from Each Other
  245. Man with Buck Teeth in a White Tank Top
  246. Man Shopping for Underwear in the Supermarket
  247. Woman Using a Pressure Washer on the Ground
  248. Humorous Anthropomorphic Brown Dog Holding a Beer Stein While Celebrating Oktoberfest in Germany
  249. Silly Elephant Holding a Beer Stein While Celebrating Oktoberfest - Holiday
  250. Humorous German Man Guiding a Group of Brown Weiner Dogs Pulling an Oversized Wooden Beer Keg Wagon - Oktoberfest
  251. Gay Cowboy Dancing and Wearing Woman's Clothing - Halloween Crossdresser
  252. Watchful Boss Keeping a Close Eye on an Employee Filling His Cup with Water
  253. Funny Viking Female Armed with a Spear and Shield
  254. Couple of Gay Cowboys Cooking Hot Dogs over a Campfire - Weeny Roast
  255. Unshaven Woman Wearing Red High-heeled Shoes and Blue Jeans
  256. Fat Woman Looking in the Fridge for Something to Eat at Night
  257. Hungry Overweight Man Peeking in a Refrigerator for Food
  258. Blond Nurse Nurse Cleaning Needle After Drawing Blood Samples from Male Patient - Medical Humor
  259. Flirty Obese Woman Sticking Her Tongue out and Looking over Her Shoulder While Using a Walker
  260. Middle Aged Female Piano Teacher Trying to Teach a Teenage Boy How to Play a Standard Piano
  261. Energetic and Happy Dog Roller Skating with His Tongue out
  262. Man Plunging an Overflowing Toilet
  263. Two Policemen Toasting Donut and Coffee Cup Together
  264. Bored Psychiatric Patient Falling Asleep to Psychiatrist As He Psychoanalyzes
  265. Scared and Worried Man Getting His First Prostate Examimation
  266. Human-like Dog Going Hitchhiking for an Automobile Ride
  267. Frustrated Psychiatrist Sitting Beside Sleeping Patient
  268. Human-like Dog Watering Outdoor Plants with a Green Garden Hose
  269. Ethnic Man Giving a Speech Through a Microphone
  270. Confused Man with Short Term Memory Scratching His Head While Trying to Remember Something
  271. Confused Middle Aged Man Holding a Blank Flier and Raising His Eyebrow
  272. Humorous Private Eye Detective in a Trenchcoat
  273. Smiling Fisherman Catching a Boot with a Fishing Pole - Fishing Humor
  274. Heavyset Woman Getting out of a Swimming Pool with a Man
  275. Human-like Fat Female Pig Paying for Food with Money
  276. Confused and Frustrated New Mom and Dad Trying to Figure out How to Raise a Baby Boy - Parenting Humor
  277. Confused Man Wearing a Small Business Suit - Business Humor
  278. Hunting Pilgrim Women Armed with Turkey Bird Musket Gun - Thanksgiving
  279. Dork Man Who Thinks He Cool, with Fingers Pointed up to the Sky
  280. Santa Claus with a Red Truck of Coal Ready for Delivery to Bad Boys and Girls on Christmas
  281. Shopaholic Cow
  282. Middle Aged Bachelor in a Robe and Pjs, Drying His Wet Laundry over an Electric Floor Heater, Steam Rising into the Air
  283. Santa Claus in Uniform, Vacuuming Carpet with a Vacuum Cleaner
  284. Cow Pirates Carrying Their Booty - a Treasure Chest and Bottle of Rum
  285. Santa Carrying His Sack of Toys at His Side and Hitchhiking
  286. White Man Leaping Back from a Skunk That Is Preparing to Spray
  287. Big Bear Holding a Bunch of Red Heart Shaped Valentine's Day Balloons
  288. Masculine Bear Ballerina Dancing in a Pink Tutu, up on Tippy Toes and Reaching Upwards
  289. Hairy White Male Ballerina or Ballerino Dancing Ballet in a Pink Tutu, up on Tippy Toes and Reaching Upwards
  290. White Middle Aged White Guy Putting a Huge 800 Watt Lightbulb in a Tall Lamp in His Living Room
  291. Friendly Drunk Oktoberfest Man in Costume, Leaning over a Wooden Beer Keg Barrel and Holding a Stein
  292. Funny Drunk Old Senior Man Walking with a Cane and Partying with a Beer Stein at Oktoberfest
  293. Cute Drunk Pink Pig Drinking a Beer from a Setin at Oktoberfest
  294. Cute White Sheep Getting Drunk with a Beer Stein at Oktoberfes
  295. Happy Partying Dog Drinking a Beer from a Setin at Oktoberfest
  296. Happy Chubby Skunk Getting Drunk and Holding up a Mug of Beer at a Party or Oktoberfest
  297. Chubby Brown Horse Standing on His Hind Legs and Inspecting a Shoe
  298. Hungry Orange Fish Holding a Knife and Fork
  299. Chubby White Businessman Standing in a Pile of Crumpled Papers and Reading
  300. Stressed White Male Manager Standing Chest High in Paperwork, Tossing Pages into the Air
  301. Confused White Thin Boy up on a Teeter Totter, a Chubby Boy on the Other End
  302. Caucasian Woman Having Fun, Her Hair Blowing Back in the Wind, While Racing a Red Riding Lawn Mower
  303. Brown Dog Shaving His Legs While Sitting on a Toilet in a Bathroom
  304. Baby Artist Sitting in Wet Paint
  305. White Male Chef Stuffing Chickens in a Soup Pot
  306. Chef by a Cow in a Pot
  307. Elephant in a Giant Pot
  308. Pig in a Pot
  309. Sad, Tired, Exhausted Santa Carrying Sack of Christmas Presents to His Last Few Houses
  310. White Man Trying to Turn His Wife on by Using the Switch on Her Back
  311. Human-like Orange Cat Cross-country Skiing to the Right
  312. Ginger Anthropomorphic Cowboy Cat Playing Country Music on an Acoustic Guitar
  313. Santa Claus Going on Summer Vacation, Holding a Drink and His Shirt off
  314. Snowman Cowboy on White
  315. Medical Nurse Snow Woman Wearing a Stethoscope over White
  316. Surprised Snowman with a Patch of Pee on Him
  317. Snowman Drummer Playing the Drums and Looking Right
  318. Snowman Police Officer on White
  319. Blond Female Snowman Snow Woman in a Red Bikini Looking Forward
  320. Grinning Husband and Wife with on and off Switches Attached to Their Backs
  321. Fat Wife Turning Her Husband's Switch on
  322. Happy Frosty the Snowman, Snow Woman in a Bikini and Another Snow Man
  323. Fresh Vegetable Chicken Soup on a Picnic Blanket
  324. Scared Caucasian Man Preparing to Dive into a Swimming Pool
  325. Human-like Obese Elephant Watching TV and Drinking Beer
  326. Obese Doctor Snowman Wearing a Stethoscope
  327. Dog Urinating on a Snowman Trio
  328. Goofy Dog Peeing on a Snowman
  329. Santa Smoking a Cigarette on a Smoke Break on White
  330. Starving Fat Goldfish Holding a Knife and Fork Looking Right
  331. Brown Male Cow Reading the Daily Newspaper with Coffee
  332. Funny Drunken Oktoberfest Skunk in a Green Costume, Holding a Silver Beer Stein
  333. Two Cows Wearing Robes in the Morning
  334. Santa with a Cane, His Butt Showing Through a Hospital Gown
  335. Caucasian Businessman Wading Chest High Through Paperwork
  336. White Man with a Plunger over a Clogged Toilet
  337. Red Haired White Lady Counselor Listening to a Depressed Man
  338. Hippie Dog Gesturing Peace
  339. Black and White Santa in Hospital Gown, with His Butt Visible
  340. Black and White Hippie Dog
  341. Black and White Chubby Woman with a Plunger over a Clogged Toilet