Royalty Free Stock Humor Clipart by Alex Bannykh

  1. Crab Looking up at a Sweaty Man Buried in Sand on a Beach
  2. Pair of Boss Hands Controlling Puppet Employees As They Conduct Their Work in an Office
  3. Bear Cub Floating with a Balloon by a Bee Hive to Collect Honey
  4. Stressed and Sweaty Businessman Surrounded by Memos, Paperwork or Employment Applications
  5. Controlling Boss Catching His Fly Employees in a Net
  6. Celebrating Santa and Reindeer Getting Drunk - Cartoon Design
  7. Santa Sweating and Pulling a Reindeer and Sack on a Wooden Sled
  8. Bald Caucasian Businessman with Paperwork in a Trash Bin
  9. Stressed Caucasian Businessman Sweating at His Desk and Staring at His Computer
  10. Red Haired Clown Holding up One of His Shoes and Sitting on the Floor
  11. Hungry Chef Shark, Cooking up a Pot of Scuba Stew
  12. Reindeer Saving Santa from a Chimney
  13. White Businessman Boss Chasing Fly Employees with a Net
  14. Reindeer Pulling Santa from a Chimney in Three Versions
  15. Black and White Reindeer Rescuing Santa from a Chimney in the Snow